Six Months of Marriage

Today marks six months of marriage to my beautiful, charming, intelligent, funny and godly wife, Danielle. Here are just a few of the things I’ve discovered over those six months:

-Time speeds up when you’re not alone.

-Watching football all day Saturday and Sunday is not everyone’s idea of fun.

-Married people like to talk about getting together with each other, but it’s not as easy as it sounds.

-If you plan on doing something, you should tell your wife. You share a life, not a brain. (Hard transition for someone who was single for as long as I was.)

-Eating out is twice as expensive.

-People like to ask, “How is married life treating you?”

-Side dishes exist with home cooked meals.

-When one spouse thinks birthdays are a big deal and one doesn’t, the one that thinks they’re a big deal wins.

-Married life is awesome.

-There are too many shades of tan paint.

-There are too many shades of green paint.


the daves i know

for anyone anticipating something of real value, i apologize! but i often sing the chorus to this song (because i know a lot of daves) and no one ever knows what i’m referencing! i finally found it the other day, so you can all be “enlightened!”

why i hate soup

i’m anti soup (for the most part*). here’s why:

-soup is more liquid than solid. this is not sufficient. there are verses about this in the Bible: Hebrews 5:13-14

-i don’t know how to eat it. i feel like i can’t eat soup without spilling it on the table or my chin, etc. maybe i need to try smaller spoons? it’s frustrating.

-soup leads to evil: Genesis 25:29-34

-soups try to deceive you by including words like “steak” … “taco” … “tortilla” in their descriptions. don’t fall for it. it’s still soup.

-soup usually consists mainly of “broth.” G-to-the-ross.


-i’ll throw down some hot & sour if it comes with a chinese lunch special (as it often does).

-i like chili and gumbo and do not consider these “soups.”

-i like olive garden’s “zuppa toscana” … again, as a meal supplement.

Thank You, 1985

i wanna give a shout out to the year 1985. it was, pop culturally, a really transformative year for me. not the actual year, per se, but what came forth from it. such as…

ronald reagan is sworn in for his second term

we are the world

i love the description on this particular youtube upload: “its by michael jackson and a couple of people. and its super touching :]”

compact discs

the dairy queen blizzard

the tv show growing pains

a ton of great movies, including a few of my absolute all-time faves:

spies like us


back to the future

the goonies

some killer cartoons:




and one of the biggest, eternally insignificant, influences of my entire life: the nintendo entertainment system


1985… my hat’s off to you. (readers, if you’re not standing and applauding by now, i worry about you and am sad for you.)

honorable mentions: microsoft windows 1.0 is released (figured that might draw some jeers), teen wolf, disney’s gummi bears, jem

is 30 the new 59?

i may be getting old(er) but i’m still young in SOME senses. this was confirmed to me the other day when my mom had me set her DVR for tuesday night to record all her faves. she later commented that it’s her favorite night of tv.

i thought to myself, “self, tuesday is the void of the tv week*. it’s the one night i could go without and not think ‘i missed such and such.’ funny that it’s her favorite.” i ASSUME it’s a generational thing. could be wrong i guess.

mom, you read this blog. wanna set me straight in the comments section? ; )

on the other hand, i do like to watch monk and psych with my parents on fridays. next thing you know i’ll be wearing black socks with tennis shoes and shorts (like my brother…)

*tuesday used to have house, right? but now it’s on monday? i guess tuesday has AI when it’s in season. still, thursday is the king of the tv week… not tuesday.