the von trapps ain’t got nothing on us…

forgive me, blogosphere, for i have slacked. it’s been 17 days since my last post.

so, i got to spend the better part of today with my mom and her four sisters. the highlight for me was when we watched the gaither gospel hour on daystar. (the lowlight was the lifetime movie, midnight bayou or murderous swamp mansion or whatever it was called. i didn’t catch much of that one!)

anyway, i LOVE gospel music, i LOVE the gaither homecomings, and i LOVE that my family knows the songs and grew up singing them. i think my mom’s family was even called the singing damrons or something. that’s legit! (mom, if it’s not true, don’t tell me… at least not on here!) one of my favorite all time family memories was sitting around in a campground chapel with my mom’s side of the family singing old hymns and gospel songs while my aunts traded out playing the piano. i have a big family, so it was like a gaither homecoming all its own.

i’m not sure all of my cousins share my enthusiasm, but i’d hate for that gospel tradition to be lost on future generations of my family in the same way it’s fading out of christian culture at large. there’s just something special about getting together as family (physical or spiritual) and singing great hymns and gospel music. i think it’s different than the corporate worship we’re used to now… but maybe i’m too sentimental about it. and i know it’s a genre of music that isn’t much appreciated these days, so it’s tough for people not accustomed to appreciate it. maybe i was just born in the wrong generation!

anywho, if you want to share in my joy/see what the fuss is about/taste and see/or remind yourself why you never listen to gospel music, feast on these excerpts from the special we watched today:

God’s Building a Church:

He’s a Personal Savior

you’re welcome…

it’s an honor just to be nominated

this weekend will be the tenth wedding i have participated in, if my count is accurate (hope i’m not forgetting someone).

this will be my second outing as an usher. i’ve also been a groomsman four times and held/shared best man duties four times. it’s always an honor. i know it’s not about me AT ALL, but when i think about being asked to share in such an important event, i feel blessed to be counted as friend by the people in my life.

i’m really thankful for the people and friendships God has placed in my life over the years. i’m so undeserving, yet here i stand.