oy vey, tv land.

once again, the fickle masses and almighty dollar have given the proverbial axe to another slew of shows. i don’t know how some of the surviving shows made it through to another season and i hate that others didn’t. here’s a quick rundown of some, imo, notables.

pushing daisies: been over this already, but wanted to re-mention it. also wanted to note that they’ll be airing new eps in the next few weeks, so MAYBE we’ll get some closure on this short-lived series.

the unit: sorry, mom and dad. fans can always watch allstate commercials and hope one of those wrecks getts REALLY out of hand. from what i’ve seen, the unit combines the shoot-first-ask-questions-later and body count of 24 with the marital dynamic of a “good” lifetime original movie. not really my bag.

kath & kim: i didn’t even have to watch this show to know it was horrendous. they got this one right.

knight rider and harper’s island: REALLY?! NO WAY! (i guess those weren’t really notable cancellations)

my name is earl: i admit, this ole grey mare ain’t what she used to be. not as upset with its cancellation as i am with the decline of the show. glad pressly got an emmy out of it, though. she quickly (and somewhat sadly) became the only bright spot. (i did read that ‘earl’ is being shopped to other networks.)

king of the hill: hats off to a good show with a good run. i didn’t keep up with it, but i did appreciate it. chagrined that my hank hill impression isn’t as valuable if no one knows who he is!

the unusuals:last, but not least, is a show i really enjoyed and HOPED would have some staying power. i thought the cast acted well (jeremy renner, amber tamblyn, harold perrineau, adam goldberg, and kai lennox were ALL great), the quirks were outlandish but still believable enough to watch, the soundtrack was cool, and the stories were fine. so what happened, america?! “blech,” i say. not cool.

with these cancellations (and many more), come some new contestants to vie for america’s downtime. one promising new show that caught my eye is community, brought to us by nbc. the blurb in entertainment weekly reads, “joel mchale heads up the cast of a comedy about a community college full of misfit students and teachers. funny and clever, with chevy chase costarring.” now, mchale was pretty horrible on the improv flash in the pan, thank God, you’re here, so my hopes aren’t too high.

at least my survivor and ‘idol’ picks were victorious. so not all hope is lost, ha.

i’m so glad tv isn’t important. then i’d really have something to be upset about.

i’ll never say “never” again

when i graduated from college almost 9 years ago (wow), i thought i was done with formal education forever. even after getting into ministry people would ask me if i intended to go to seminary and i would say i didn’t see a need for it. at the time, that was true. i’ve also rubbed finals, homework, quiz, tests, projects, etc. in students’ faces for the past 9 years. “oh you have to study? guess what, i never have to do homework ever again! ha!” apparently, i spake too soon.

as i mentioned at the beginning of the year, i started very slowly but somewhat surely pursuing my M.Div. through Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. i tested the waters this first semester with three whopping hours (yep, one class: new testament II) due to a variety of reasons. it was a little weird being in school again, but i did well as far as i can tell (i know all of my grades except the final, which i feel good about). my professor has kind of a tough reputation, too, so that’s encouraging!

taking a class with another pastor on staff at my church sure helped. we were able to study together, instead of being left on an island with our notes. we spent a lot of time going over lists, purposes of letters, themes of chapters, etc. and our hard work paid off on the quizzes and exams. it was also cool learning things from the wisdom/experience of our professor, dr. woo, who is a pastor in alief at one of, if not, THE most culturally diverse churches around.* really enjoyed being in his class. i just hope i’ve retained a lot!

this fall i’ve registered for new testament I (with dr. woo, again!), systematic theology I, and biblical hermeneutics (with my senior pastor, dr. howell). our church is actually hosting classes which is awesome, so i’ll be able to walk to school for hermeneutics!

i’m really hoping the jump from three hours to nine isn’t too ridiculous, but at this rate, i’ll be graduating in 2035! ha.

*btw: dr. woo has written a book about multi-racial ministry/church, due this august.

an evening with the classics

tonight i attended a recital at our church where several students who have been taking piano, flute, and voice got to showcase their progress. the songs ranged from chopsticks to beauty and the beast to things i can’t pronounce/remember involving numbers and foreign languages.

we have some VERY talented students at our church. it was cool to see students sit and play well on a piano knowing they can sing/act/drum/play bass/guitar/draw/paint/what-have-you well, too.

everyone performed a solo and a duet, and those with siblings in the recital (more than a handful) were paired with their sibling for their duet. this was, obviously, pretty cool. i see these students all the time interacting with their siblings (in very harmonious way, mind you), but seeing them sit side by side at a piano to play even the simplest of songs, was something special. i hope they realize that. i KNOW their parents did.

my brother doesn’t play any instruments (unless he counts the guitar that he dabbled in or the kazoo, but i don’t think he does) … and i faked my way through band on the trombone, so don’t hold your breath … maybe he’ll let me write a book with him one day!

so, this is very cool

my brother‘s book is coming out in july!


you can pre-order it here.

also, jared will be at the lifeway store in the woodlands on july 11th for a book signing… my brother, the celebrity.

i hope that story about me ALLEGEDLY chasing him with a kitchen knife when we were younger isn’t in there … or he at least changed my name to laramie or something.