interesting thought… i thought

please note that the title to this post means that i thought a certain thought was interesting, not that i came up with an interesting thought!

i heard matt chandler mention something in a message the other day that i thought was interesting and then read pretty much the same idea in something for class, i think (there are a few sources, so please forgive me for losing track).

the thought is this (and i REALLY hope i don’t butcher it):

GENERALLY speaking, there are many people who subscribe firmly to darwin’s theory of evolution and the idea that survival of the fittest has moved living organisms to where we are today who ALSO take fervent interest in social justice causes around the world. it would seem that these two thoughts are in contradiction to each other. if survival of the fittest is a trusted and necessary way for life to advance, then why obstruct the process by lending a hand to the impoverished? does evolution not dictate that those without who cannot should be let alone to be overtaken by those who have and can? the apparent logic to this sentiment seemed profound to me. and if i hadn’t read it randomly after hearing it on a podcast, i wouldn’t have posted about it, i’m sure.

now, again, i’m speaking in generalities as i can’t knowledgeably contemplate the ins and outs of evolutionary thinking… nor social justice minded thinking. for someone who tries to view the world through a Christocentric, Biblical lens and does NOT hold to views of evolution or social justice (apart from the Gospel), it may be really easy to consider the thought stated above and say “yeah, what are they thinking?”

maybe i’m missing that while people believe that evolution got us here, they don’t also believe that it’s an approved method of moving forward.

anyone out there have any thoughts on this?

a tribute to the boys from back in the day

several dudes from my umhb days are getting together this weekend under the banner of a cWc reunion to hang out, shoot the bull, laugh, and, most likely, make fun of each other like 11 year olds (i say that approvingly). i’m really pretty bummed that i can’t make it. it was originally scheduled for a friday night, but was, obviously, moved to a saturday night.

with a fixer upper waiting to be fixed up, church on sunday morning and the like, i knew this trip was gonna be a no-go for me. i haven’t really stayed close with those guys (sadly, and to only my own fault, i have trouble staying close with anyone) but a few of them were some of my best friends/roommates from a great time in my life. always fun to be around, as far as i remember anyway!

the cWc for those of you who must live under a rock, is the Crusader Wrestling Corporation, of which i was the Commissioner. all of my buddies were athletic and daring, so they took care of all the backyard wrestling while i put my skills to use on the mic, announcing matches and belittling wrestlers (different parts, one body, right? we all have our calling!). it was pretty awesome. there are some highlights here. the “pay-per-views” were non-school events that drew more people than many school events. it was fun to be a part of and made all the more fun because that group of guys was so close. camaraderie was rampant. it didn’t matter that j-witt wrestled by a different name every time he came out, or that mike drew a beard on his chin with a marker, or that chris thought he killed his own brother with a misguided lawn chair to the head. at the end of they day, it was good times. and i know they’ll have a good time saturday night.

i’m sure they’ll recycle the same old stories about campus hi-jinks from back in the day but will now also sprinkle in showing off pictures of their kids and whatnot. it’s cool to see where God has led many of these guys. coaches, pastors, husbands, businessmen, dads, army helicopter pilots, etc. i’m glad i got to cross paths with them and hope to again some day.

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