is 30 the new 59?

i may be getting old(er) but i’m still young in SOME senses. this was confirmed to me the other day when my mom had me set her DVR for tuesday night to record all her faves. she later commented that it’s her favorite night of tv.

i thought to myself, “self, tuesday is the void of the tv week*. it’s the one night i could go without and not think ‘i missed such and such.’ funny that it’s her favorite.” i ASSUME it’s a generational thing. could be wrong i guess.

mom, you read this blog. wanna set me straight in the comments section? ; )

on the other hand, i do like to watch monk and psych with my parents on fridays. next thing you know i’ll be wearing black socks with tennis shoes and shorts (like my brother…)

*tuesday used to have house, right? but now it’s on monday? i guess tuesday has AI when it’s in season. still, thursday is the king of the tv week… not tuesday.

it’s almost official

some of you know or may have heard (or read on here, can’t remember if i’ve posted about it… it’s been so long since i posted anything) that i bought a house. this is my first house, so apparently that makes this a bigger deal.

it’s a definite fixer-upper and is still in process of being fixed up. because some serious work had to be done before moving in, i have yet to move in and have been staying at my parents’ house (isn’t there some saying about “you can’t go home again”?). i’m so very grateful that i have parents who are able and willing to welcome me back. anyway…

i DO plan on posting some before and after type pictures of my house because i gots to give the people what they want. ha

anyway, just wanted to post because, even though it’s been official in many ways, it’s almost official by way of me moving things/myself into it!