farewell, ken ober

ken ober

ken ober died over the weekend.

even though my brother (the only person, i’d guess, who reads this AND knows who ken was) probably already knew of ken’s passing, i decided to mention it.

he hosted remote control on mtv back in the day. great pop culture game show that helped launch guys like adam sandler and colin quinn.

(oh, bird probably knew of ken, too.)

some random movie thoughts, vol. 1

-watched sneakers this past weekend and realized it’s pretty similar to oceans’ 11. not sure why i never made the association before.

-i read this post on the thinklings and just wanted say that, like andrew (though for different reasons), i’ve had to fight the urge to hate it. it’s the “monty python and the holy grail syndrome”, i think. it’s a great movie. it’s WAY over quoted. and it can sour people’s opinions when the tidal wave of quoting comes after the initial release and surge of the movie, when the “true fans” saw it. i remember watching the trailers/clips online before the movie opened. genius stuff, i thought. i have to remind myself that just because it became the proverbial beaten dead horse to like/quote it, doesn’t mean the movie itself is not still great.

-i find the polar express/3D christmas carol animation really creepy. i don’t want to watch any movies that utilize it. really hope it’s not the future of animation.

-it’s not as fun to remember a funny movie quote in everyday context when the people around you don’t know what you’re talking about, as it is when there is someone who knows what you’re talking about. (i know this goes without saying, but a lot of things that “go without saying” get said anyway)

yesterday it was:

“coming through! got a package people!”

and today it was:


“yes, satan? oh, i’m sorry, sir. you sounded like someone else.”

strangely both from ace ventura, which is not something i quote every day, honest, BUT still something you’d think people would recognize.

-i’m not excited about avatar. i haven’t really watched any previews, just a few seconds here and there. i keep picturing jar jar binks when i think about it…

first contact from the new crib

so, i have finally “completely” moved into my new house. this isn’t my first night to stay here, but it is my first night with ALL my stuff. it’s been a LONG process from day one of finding this house for sale. lots of frustration, lots of surprises, but i really can’t complain. i’m blessed to even have the opportunity. it has come a long way and still has a ways to go but i’ll leave you with a couple of cosmetically different “before” and “after” shots for dramatic effect. i may detail more of the innards later…







i’m also telling myself that now that i’m “settled” in, i’ll be blogging more frequently…