a good reminder (oh, and “ouch”)

And the Lord’s servant must not be quarrelsome but kind to everyone, able to teach, patiently enduring evil, correcting his opponents with gentleness. God may perhaps grant them repentance leading to a knowledge of the truth,

2 Timothy 2:24-25

so, even when i’m right, i can still be wrong? dangit.

Thank You, 1985

i wanna give a shout out to the year 1985. it was, pop culturally, a really transformative year for me. not the actual year, per se, but what came forth from it. such as…

ronald reagan is sworn in for his second term

we are the world

i love the description on this particular youtube upload: “its by michael jackson and a couple of people. and its super touching :]”

compact discs

the dairy queen blizzard

the tv show growing pains

a ton of great movies, including a few of my absolute all-time faves:

spies like us


back to the future

the goonies

some killer cartoons:




and one of the biggest, eternally insignificant, influences of my entire life: the nintendo entertainment system


1985… my hat’s off to you. (readers, if you’re not standing and applauding by now, i worry about you and am sad for you.)

honorable mentions: microsoft windows 1.0 is released (figured that might draw some jeers), teen wolf, disney’s gummi bears, jem

are there refunds or exchanges on spiritual gifts?

any time i enter into a theological discussion on here, i am wary. regardless, i have some thoughts/questions about spiritual gifts for you.

i’ve noticed in myself and in others that, over time, spiritual gifts seem to “change” and not just via those surveys you can take to tally your giftedness. (i understand that most of those surveys are easy to “fix” or predict because you can answer towards the outcome you think is true about yourself.) but still, we usually believe those answers to be true about ourselves. i used to score more highly in exhortation but now high in prophecy. some other gifts remain as front-runners though. my questions are these:

-do our gifts really change? does the holy spirit really gift us differently at different times of our lives OR do our preferences simply change over time and we tend to do what we like to do?

-have any gifts we find “rising to the top” been with us since conversion but simply rise and fall at different stages of life/ministry?

-does the bible mention this rising and falling of spiritual gifts in our lives?

-if not, how do we justify it?

-can we lose gifts entirely?

-are the gifts we see consistently throughout our lives the true spiritual gifts and the ones we see rising and falling just our human preferences and abilities… (a lost person can take those surveys, too, and score highly in several categories)

-would it be more beneficial to survey OTHERS about our spiritual gifts?! ha

anyway, just some thoughts. we’ll be addressing some of this, specifically, at our high school retreat next weekend but i’m wondering these things myself!

we’re on the youtubes

our student ministry’s promo videos now have a home on youtube! check them out here. (copyright infringement probably abounds, but please don’t call the popo… paul quoted other writers in the bible.)

here are a couple of my faves (and not just because i’m in them… promise):

*couple of insider jokes that aren’t too hard to “get” here: adam really hasn’t interned with us or lived in houston since 2005 but was home for some special occasion when we made the video and riley is 18 now (and not 3 feet tall).

and (after that) if you’re tempted to think we’re not original:

update from the soon-to-be-not-quite-frozen tundra

ok, so just a quick update… watch me for the changes and uh, try to keep up…

my home computer died, great christmas with the fam, good to see my bro, becky, and the girls, pleasant “surprise” visit from my cousin justin, got to moot (missed the last one) and even tried to participate in non-movie discussion this time, uncle danny brought the best tasting smoked turkey i’ve ever tasted and rambled entertainingly about texas history as usual, new year’s in dallas (avatar, the village church, lame bowl game), da bomb’s wedding in arkansas, back to work (not an easy adjustment), replaced dead computer, washer and dryer should be coming tomorrow, too, grades from the fall finally in (not too shabby), cracked some cases at the college partay last night after abs.com and, of course, national championship tonight!

i won’t go so far as to call those all the highlights because there were great moments that i’m sure i’m forgetting/leaving out. i know you feel like you were right there with me! now go hunker down as God debunks global warming…