love is in the air, i guess?

i’ve been harras… er, asked about my dating life four times (that i remember) in the last four days. now, i’m used to fielding questions on this subject, but the concentrated effort over the last few days has been extra noticeable. (and none of these inquiries came from my parents!) questions/advice ranging from “what about so and so” to “you should(n’t) date so and so” to “do you go on blind dates?” and the good ole “we’ll work on that” when hearing that i’m single. ha

also, help is being offered from a variety of age groups spanning high school students all the way up to senior citizens. i’m not bashing these people or complaining, either. i appreciate their concern and know i am loved.

just wondered if a memo went out or something recently!

school’s (almost) out for summer!


this semester of seminary is ALMOST over. all my papers (doctrine of adoption? check. egalitarianism? check. book reviews/interactions? check.) and projects are in and i’m down to the three finals. by thursday night next week, it’s another semester of being in the books… in the books.

i won’t be taking any classes this summer. the scheduling and funding are tough to coordinate! in the fall i’ll take principles of teaching, elementary greek I and the christian home. i’ll also start my required semesters of chapel.

i heard that my bff randy is halfway through his seminary education. kudos, randall. i’m gonna be a while longer.

it’s been good so far, it’s just slow going when i think about graduating! sometimes i fear that i’m just making the grades and not really soaking in the education. but i know i’m learning and getting to share what i learn with the people i get to minister to.

anyway, here’s to finishing strong, all you students out there!

what is wrong with me?

i found myself interestedly watching golf this past weekend. (i know, right?) someone take my temperature! i even alluded to the pain of watching golf in my last survey/post.

i didn’t tune in for tiger, either. i did find myself rooting against him, but i didn’t tune in to root against him. i THINK i was lured into watching by directv’s masters coverage. they had a channel devoted to a featured group, a channel devoted to amen corner, a channel devoted to the network (CBS) coverage and a channel devoted to holes 15 & 16. then they had a mix channel (the previously mentioned 4 masters channels viewable on one channel). add to that an interactive leader board menu and some great golf and i was in.

i’d write about phil mickelson’s great shots (the ALMOST back to back to back eagles on saturday and the roy mcavoy shot from the woods yesterday), but if you care, you’ve already seen them and if you don’t, you probably wouldn’t even watch them if i embedded them (which i almost did).

i still don’t much about golf at all. i know you’re supposed to hit a ball into a cup and you keep score by counting how many strokes it takes. i know i took “intermediate golf” as a PE credit in college and got a B (DESPITE my skill level) and the only club i could hit “decently” was the 8 iron. and i know it was impossibly frustrating.

i don’t know if all golf tournaments are as exciting as the masters was this past weekend or if phil just found some “magic.” don’t worry, i certainly don’t plan on watching golf on a regular basis. i just think it’s weird that i awoke to it this past weekend. guess i’m just a sucker for some good competition. BUT i STILL can’t watch hockey. blech.

and now… i purvey a survey

1. when you wear socks, which one do you usually put on first and what is your dominant hand?

2. choose your jack: shephard OR bauer

3. why is texas the best state in the union?

4. would you rather eat dinner with: tim robbins OR sean penn and why?

5. chocolate chips OR chocolate chunks?

6. thunder OR lightning?

7. what’s the best name for a dog you’ve ever heard or have come up with? (if it’s a dog you actually know/knew, what kind of dog was it?)

8. forced to watch one on tv, which do you pick: soccer OR golf?

9. which is more impressive: average GPA from a “respected” school OR high GPA from a “nowhere” school?

10. who legitimately flops more: manu ginobili OR the entire duke team?

11. what’s your biggest phobia (thing you irrationally overreact to)?

12. what would your spy codename be (in theory, of course!)?

13. untie your tennis shoes OR just slip them on/off?

14. preferred candy: chocolate OR hard

15. what are the 3 “ugliest” places you’ve ever visited (scenery-wise)?

16. would you rather watch paint dry OR grass grow?

17. what ONE piece of advice would you give your 13-year-old self if you could go back in time?

18. what sport do you have more skill/talent in than any other?

19. more uppity: the french OR apple users?

thanks for playing. and yes, i stopped at 19 because i figured it might bother some people.