back in the saddle, again

so, all of our church staff has transitioned into our new offices. this is my first day in mine (i was out last week on a mission trip in duncan, ok), so i’m still adjusting! i’m sure it’ll be like what garth algar said about a new pair of underwear, “at first it’s constrictive, but after a while it becomes a part of you.”

i’ve got three weeks of the exodus series done with the college and young singles and i think it’s going well. i was nervous about my teaching style not being what the college and young singles are used to, but i think i’m just a worrier. regardless, i’ve enjoyed the material.

the mission trip to duncan was really good. the students we took from our church were great. they worked hard, didn’t cause trouble and the guys were a blast to be with in the room. it was a great reminder of how awesome student ministry can be. i worked on replacing a roof for the first time in my life! it was funny because i have ZERO construction knowledge/skill, so before the trip i made sure i wasn’t signed up to be a crew chief (who oversees a group of students and a construction project). so, i was signed up as an encourager. i fully planned to work hard, i just couldn’t lead in the construction. when we met our crews, i found out that my crew chief was the only female crew chief out of all the projects and i was the only male encourager! it was slightly emasculating, but worked out fine. i really liked my crew. they all got along great, worked hard (most of the time) and got the job done. if you’re my facebook friend, you can see some pictures of our work and the rest of our time in duncan.

one interesting encounter occurred on wednesday night. all of the world changers facilitated a community carnival and our new student associate, sarah, and i talked with a couple of mormon missionaries who happened upon the crowd. we sat and talked for quite some time. alas, after much conversation, neither party was convinced of anything different than what they believed when they sat down. it was, however, a great reminder of why we should know what we believe and how to differentiate between slight perversions of truth and the real deal.

and speaking of saddle… next week is VBS (saddle ridge ranch edition). the church will be overtaken with rugrats in cowboy hats. (bring on the snack room!)

ok, more updates to come, i hope. it’s been a crazy few weeks!