ministry musings

so, as you probably know, i’ve recently transitioned to pastor of college & young singles at my church. it’s weird to not be doing what i’ve always done (since college, really, when i started interning), working with jh and hs students.

we have a great core group with some real community going on (not to my credit, as it was there before i was on the radar with cys) and great things are happening. the real challenge i’m perceiving is with college students. our area of houston is not a typical college area, even though we have a handful of community colleges in our area hosting TONS and TONS of college students. most of our college momentum comes from students that are home for the summer. i would imagine this is not that rare, but maybe i’m wrong. many community college students probably have home churches already, since they are still home. in that case, it seems like the challenge is reaching unbelieving/unchurched college students on their campuses. houston obviously does not lack for churches or even large events, if you’re looking for them, but i’m not sure what other churches are doing. (it’s something i plan on looking into!)

in the meantime, does anyone out there have any suggestions or insights about ministering to college students in this type of setting? i’m excited to see what i can figure out and welcome helpful suggestions!

twit happened one night

so… i got a twitter account. can i say, “i got a twitter?” i feel like that’s acceptable. do i “tweet” or “twitter” things? i’m afraid of misusing “//” and “#” or not using them when i should, etc. it’s all very new to me still.

it’s kind of funny, because i feel like i can never think of things to blog about, but when i go to tweet i have trouble confining myself to 140 characters! should be interesting. i hope to not neglect either medium (blog or twitter) and i’m a little worried about that because the semester starts in a couple of weeks and i’m gonna be BUSY!BUSY!BUSY! hopefully that will give me more to blog and microblog about.

anyway, just thought i’d share!

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