“whoa-oh, we’re halfway there…”

“whoa-oh! we’re living on a prayer!”

as i’ve posted, tweeted and “statused,” i started a wednesday night prayer time at our church. it sprang up from a personal conviction that i needed to pray more as an individual and realizing God has called us to pray corporately, too. i just couldn’t ignore any longer the presence and power of prayer throughout Scripture.

a quote from jim cymbala also resonated with me. i don’t have it in front of me so i’ll paraphrase. he said something like, “if you don’t enjoy prayer, how do you think you’ll enjoy heaven?” or something along those lines. the point being, prayer is communing and communicated with God. basically what believers are set to do for eternity!

anyway, i originally planned on this prayer time being for college and young singles (CYS), the ministry i oversee. but i quickly realized that there was no reason to not offer it to anyone in our church.

the first night we met, we had three people. the second week, two of those people were out but two new people showed up, last week we had four and tonight we had six!

i don’t know how well attended prayer meetings/gatherings are in your churches, but i’m encouraged by the six we had tonight! granted, there are lots of other activities on wednesday nights going on, so we’re not the only group meeting, but there is still plenty of room for growth!

what do your churches do by way of corporate prayer time?

oh, and if you think about it, please pray for our prayer ministry:

Before the Throne


i’m no joaquin phoenix, but i’m still here

well since the overwhelming response to my post asking for insight about college ministry, i’ve just been SO busy implementing things that i haven’t had time to post…

ok, so i’ve just been lazy. this was not a fake retirement like joaquin’s documented by casey affleck… just a lapse in productivity.

i’m in the thick of another semester of seminary, working with the college and young singles at church and taking on more and more of the graphics/communications duties a the church, as well. and hoping/praying that the prayer time we’ve started on wednesday nights will grow as God burdens people in our church with hearts for corporate prayer…

there are so many different things i’ve been reading/studying that it’s less than easy to settle on one to post about. i do hope to post more substantive stuff (and just more stuff in general). i know i’ve said that before, but i’ve been convicted lately about not using my gifts. i don’t say that to boast but i believe God has gifted me to write. maybe not books like my superstar brother ; ) but still, it’s something i know God has enabled me to do so i need to do it.

anyway… for anyone who hasn’t given up on the institute yet, thank you!