“count your blessings, see what God has done”

spring is in full swing, so here’s what’s up:


currently taking 10 hrs of seminary. i’ll be ALMOST halfway to my m.div. after this semester. “slow and steady,” right? kind of excited about getting back to more theology/history classes. haven’t had one since last spring, i think. i am starting to form more relationships with students and profs than previous semesters, so that’s cool. and i definitely am blessed to even have the opportunity to attend.


i’m also blessed to still be working at houston northwest church (10 years, now! yowza, again!) the college and young singles ministry has proven challenging and rewarding just as all ministry should be! i really love the people i get to minister to/with week in and week out. excited to see what God can do here!


-i’ve lived in my house for almost a year and a half. it’s come a long way and has a long way to go. i still can’t get over the deal i got on it. definitely an undeserved blessing.

-speaking of undeserved blessings. as most of my world knows by now (i’m sure), i have a girlfriend. i’m so grateful for her friendship, encouragement, sense of humor and, of course, heart for the Lord. she’s an extension of God’s grace in so many ways! she could do WAY better than me, too, but i hope she doesn’t realize it!