taking me back

was just listening to the incomparable keith green while working on a paper and this song came on:

it always takes me back and rekindles fond memories… so grateful for the heritage of faith in my family.

the song that wrecked me

so, i had the opportunity to preach in my church’s second service this past sunday (if interested, message audio can be found here). thanks to all who prayed for me, offered kind words, etc. i really appreciate it.

at the beginning i mention being “wrecked” by the song that preceded the message. i had almost lost it singing this song in the early service and was overcome during the second go-round. the aspect of “victory won” (PAST TENSE) was a big part of what i was about to speak on and i just couldn’t help it. and then i had to get up and speak. ha

anyway, here’s the song:

hope it blesses you as it did me.