Six Months of Marriage

Today marks six months of marriage to my beautiful, charming, intelligent, funny and godly wife, Danielle. Here are just a few of the things I’ve discovered over those six months:

-Time speeds up when you’re not alone.

-Watching football all day Saturday and Sunday is not everyone’s idea of fun.

-Married people like to talk about getting together with each other, but it’s not as easy as it sounds.

-If you plan on doing something, you should tell your wife. You share a life, not a brain. (Hard transition for someone who was single for as long as I was.)

-Eating out is twice as expensive.

-People like to ask, “How is married life treating you?”

-Side dishes exist with home cooked meals.

-When one spouse thinks birthdays are a big deal and one doesn’t, the one that thinks they’re a big deal wins.

-Married life is awesome.

-There are too many shades of tan paint.

-There are too many shades of green paint.


Focus on the Shepherd, Not the Shadow

In Paul E. Miller’s A Praying Life, he writes about the childlike faith with which we approach God. He notes that a child is not intimidated by a loving parent even though the adult is much bigger and stronger, because the relationship influences the perspective. God is the bigger, stronger heavenly Father to those who trust Him by faith. It is because of His love and protection, however, that we are able to run into His arms without being scared or intimidated. It was this perspective that allowed David to write the twenty-third Psalm. The LORD is our shepherd! Do you see the paradox? “LORD” is the proper covenant name for God that points to His supremacy and transcendence. It’s a name that reminds His people how “other” God is. How far above and all-powerful He is. And yet, David says that this far off, mighty God is our shepherd. A shepherd works among his sheep to protect and guide and care for them. That’s how God’s relationship is with His people. He is intimately active in our lives! David understood this and trusted God with the faith of a child. This faith allowed him, “even though [he] walk through the valley of the shadow of death,” to not fear. It’s this faith that keeps us focused on the Shepherd, not the shadow.

Trust God today! Be comforted and know that He is with His children!