Deacon: 1 Month Update

In an attempt to keep up with our ever changing and growing little man, I’m going to try to do monthly updates. He has already grown so much, it’s hard to believe it has only been one month! I can’t wait to see what the next few months hold :-)


According to our scale, our little chunk is 11 lbs and 6 ounces! He’s starting to chub up and I LOVE it.


He was 22 inches at our 2 week appointment, but I think he’s closer to 23 inches these days.

Clothing Size:

For the most part we have officially switched into 3 month clothes. While those tiny newborn outfits are cute, they really only lasted about 2 weeks on our healthy boy!


Buster, bubba, buddy, squirmy, big boy, mister


Right now we are sticking to the babywise schedule – 1 to 2 hour naps throughout the day and (ideally) 4 hour stretches of sleep at night. We haven’t quite mastered this yet, but he surprised us the other night by randomly sleeping for 6 hours!! It. Was. Awesome.


Breast milk all day, everyday.


Staring at bright lights, hanging out outside, playing with his daddy, swinging and his paci.


Being put down for naps, being swaddled and having to wait on food.


He has really started to master his head movements! He’s able to hold his head up for extended periods of time and look around at different things.

Best Moment:

His birth! There’s nothing like seeing that sweet little face for the first time and knowing that this precious life has been entrusted to you!

Worst Moment:

Our first hotel stay was a bit of a nightmare. Deacon wailed (I mean, waaaaiiillllllllleeeeddd) the whole first night and the better part of the next day. I felt sorry for us, but I felt even worse for our poor neighbors!

Other Tidbits:

– Deacon is starting to (semi) laugh! He hasn’t officially made any laughing noises, but he looks like he’s really enjoying himself/laughing when we tickle and play with him

– He recently started to stand up in our laps when we support some of his weight… Basically he’s super strong and advanced :wink:

Ramblings from a New Mama

Let me start by saying that these last few weeks have been the wildest, most rewarding, challenging weeks of my entire life. I am completely in love with our sweet baby boy, and I really can’t imagine life without him. As much as I’d love to write out an eloquent post about the last three weeks, I’m having a hard enough time stringing together coherent sentences these days! So for today, I’ll stick to the highlights :-)

Most surprising part of being a new mama…

How natural everything is in the beginning. The Lord is so gracious in His design, starting us new mamas off with basic needs that we can meet… Even in our sleep deprived state :wink:

Most fun part of being a new mama…

Watching our little guy explore and grow. It’s crazy how different he is after 3 short weeks!

Scariest part of being a new mama…

Everything. Being responsible for another human life is terrifying. I’m extra thankful for God’s grace and provision these days.

Most challenging part of being a new mama…

Trying to figure out what I’m doing, why he’s upset, if I should be doing something different, etc. While things do come naturally, it’s hard not to second guess myself and wonder if there is more I could/should be doing.

My favorite part of being a new mama…

Getting to snuggle, kiss and love on my baby boy. I know the days of him falling asleep on my chest are limited, so I’m soaking it up! He is such a treasure, and I still can’t believe the Lord has allowed me to be his mama. Having Deacon here brings new meaning to James 1:17.

And now for the best part, pictures of our little guy!

I Love My Pastor

Today marked the one year anniversary of Pastor Steve Bezner coming to Houston Northwest Church. I am just one of many, many people thankful for the blessing he has been since his arrival. Here are just a handful of reasons why I love my pastor.

-He loves Jesus.

-He encourages me frequently.

-He loves my family well.

-He loves his own family well.

-He loves our church well.

-He has a pacemaker, but it seems to work more like Iron Man’s flux capacitor chest thing, powering him!

-He is my friend.

-He loves Blue Bell.

-He’s read everything.

-He laughs at my jokes… usually.

-He is obsessed with great BBQ.

-He is a “why not?” person which I admire because I am a “why?” person.

-He dreams big.

-He’s wicked smaht but doesn’t flaunt it.

-He does sound effects when he tells stories.

-He listens and he cares.

-He gets really excited about sharing Jesus with others.

Happy Anniversary, Pastor! Here’s to many more!

What A Week!

So, our son was born one week and a day ago, weighing 9 lbs. 5 oz. and measuring 21 inches. After parenting him for just over a week, I wanted to share some of the things I’ve learned since his birth. It’s been an amazing week!

-The disgustitude of other people’s bodily fluids decreases when they belong to your helpless offspring. (Mind you, they are still G-ross, just somewhat less so.)

-I’ve seen Danielle exhibit new levels of amazing that she hasn’t had to express until motherhood. She is awesome. She commuted an hour, each way, to her full-time job all the way into her 39th week of pregnancy and has taken to being a mommy like a fish to water. She doesn’t show any frustration and has been heard saying things like, “I just can’t stop kissing his head.” She continues to be a manifestation of God’s grace in my (and Deacon’s) life.

-Things can go from peaceably normal to bat-crap crazy chaotic in 1.7 seconds with a newborn and first time parents.

-Having a kid stimulates the gland in your body that controls your desire to take and post pictures online.

-Baby hiccups trouble parents much more than they trouble babies. Same goes for barking dogs and fireworks.

-God is too good to me. We have been extremely blessed with the entire pregnancy and Deacon’s first week of life. I know that many, many couples struggle with varying stages of the process. And, it’s only by the grace and mercy of God that we have been so blessed. Not wanting to make those who have struggled feel bad, just wanting to praise God for His blessing. I am so undeserving and don’t want to take His favor for granted.

Anyway, these are just a few of the things I’ve learned in a week. Can’t imagine there’s much more to pick up on with this whole parenting gig :wink: