Deacon: 6 Month Update


17 lbs, 11 oz (apparently I overestimated last month… but he definitely FEELS like he’s more than 17 lbs!)


27 in.

Clothing Size:

Officially in 6-9 month clothes.


Buster, Bubba, Stinker, Wittle Baby Deacon and most recently I’ve been calling him Booger. Sometimes it just fits :wink:


Right now we’re pretty set at 2-3 two hour naps a day and around 11 hours each night. #blessed


As of right now he has tried sweet potatoes, peas, carrots and bananas. Carrots have been his favorite so far, but he still has a ton of things left to try!


Getting tickled, tugging on Junebug, trying to grab/eat our cell phones and chewing on people’s fingers.


Not being able to get to whatever he’s fixated on. He is so close to crawling, but right now he is still just scooting an inch or so at a time… except in his crib, where he can propel himself to the other side while flipping over in record time.


Sitting up with assistance, scooting around and jabbering a TON. Nothing too official recently, but he is definitely on his way to teething/sitting up by himself/crawling!

Best Moment:

Having him take a real interest in Junebug has been so fun and cute! She is so gentle with him and he is FASCINATED by her. He even opens his mouth for kisses (gross, but still cute)! See exhibit A:

Worst Moment:

Six month shots. That red-faced-I’m-hurt cry gets me every. single. time.

Other Tidbits:

– I cannot believe my baby boy is already six months old! I thought time flew when I got married, but being a mommy has made everything go so much faster! Ugh. I can’t handle how fast he’s growing up, but thankfully each stage has been more fun than the last!