Deacon: 7 Month Update


I would guess around 18.5 – 19 lbs. He definitely hit a growth spurt this last month, but he still isn’t as chunky as I would prefer/he could be.


Around 28-29 inches.

Clothing Size:

Homeboy is filling out his 9 month clothes! There are a couple of 6 month things I can still squeeze him into, but it is becoming increasingly difficult…


Buster, Bubba, Booger and occasionally Wittle Baby Deacon. I’m trying to call him by his actual name more often so he doesn’t end up telling his kindergarten teacher his name is Booger :wink:


We’ve been dealing with a little bit of sleep regression these past few weeks since we got back from vacay. Being in a new place with no real schedule really threw him off, so we’re having to work on sleeping through the night again. He’s still sleeping 11 hours (or more!) throughout the course of the night, but he has started waking up anywhere between 4 and 6 AM wanting to eat again… We’re almost back to normal though. I see the light at the end of the sleepless tunnel!


As of right now we’ve done sweet potatoes, carrots, peas, yellow squash, butternut squash, green beans, pears, peaches, bananas, mangoes and apples. In the next month I’m hoping to start introducing finger foods (exciting stuff, people!).


Army crawling EVERYWHERE, getting tickled, playing with Junebug, hanging out outside, jumping in his jumperoo, being in water, “talking” and sitting up like a big boy :-)


Being put down for a nap when he’s not done playing and (most recently) the church nursery.


Shortly after he hit the 6 month marker he started sitting up by himself and army crawling! He is basically impossible to contain these days and he is loving his new-found independence. He is still jabbering a ton, and we are anxiously awaiting that first tooth…

Best Moment:

Taking Deacon to Wimberley for the first time will definitely be a sweet memory for us. He got to float the river in his little boat and take in all the Wimberley sights/restaurants/experiences that we know and love. I really hope we’re able to keep going back in future years so that he’s able to have fond memories of our favorite little central Texas town :-)

Worst Moment:

Sleep regression courtesy of our Wimberley vacation. While he seemed to really enjoy most of the activities, our little trip wore this bubba out!

Other Tidbits:

– I’ve started to incorporate some sign language into our feeding times. So far he just stares at me like I’m a lunatic, but I’m hoping he starts to catch on soon.

– This last week Deacon has started to cuddle a little! It has definitely been filling my Mama love-tank to get some of those sweet snuggles, even if they’re short-lived.

– We think he may be allergic to bananas! It’s truly tragic. The last two times I’ve fed him bananas he has ended up projectile vomiting (like, a LOT of projectile vomit) shortly after. I’m hoping this is something he grows out of since bananas have historically been the one fruit Jeremy and I always have on hand! Ha.

– His favorite toy is a spare remote that my Poppy gave him on the 4th of July. It’s the one thing that he always seems to play with/chew on when we hand it to him.