Deacon: 8 Month Update


Roughly 20 lbs


About 30 inches

Clothing Size:

He’s still in 9 month clothes right now, though I’ve started trying to stock up on 12 month stuff since he seems to be pretty snug in most things these days. I’m pretty sure by Fall he will officially be in 12 month clothes.


Buster, Bubba, Booger and Stinker. Now that he’s getting more and more active I find myself using Booger and Stinker more often :wink:


We’re finally back to a normal sleep schedule (praise the Lamb!). Recently I’ve been putting him down between 8:00 – 8:45 and he’s been sleeping until 6:30-ish with one dream feed around 10:30 or 11:00. I know I need to drop the dream feed soon, but it’s usually the only time I can steal some cuddles, so for now it stays!


All of the same foods as last month with the addition of spinach, broccoli, oatmeal, pumpkin and sweet potato puffs (similar to cheerios, but they dissolve and are much messier). Watching him eat broccoli was one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen. He looked so betrayed and confused every time I tried to feed him another bite!


Army crawling, climbing over things, sweet potato puffs, licking/biting Junebug and getting tickled by Mom or Dad :-)




We are getting more belly-laughs and he seems to be paying more attention when we are talking to him. I don’t think he understands what we’re saying yet, but he is definitely keying into the fact that we’re talking to him! He’s still army crawling EVERYWHERE and has recently started climbing over some of the barricades I’ve set up. Time for baby gates!

Best Moment:

This may make me a terrible Mom, but this broccoli video takes the cake…

Worst Moment:

We had a couple of really cranky days last week that were rough on everybody (especially Mama and Junebug :wink:). Thankfully it passed quickly and Deacon is back to his happy-go-lucky self!

Other Tidbits:

– When Deacon gets in a really good mood pretty much anything can make him laugh. We had a blast the other day in Walmart when he decided that saying “hi!” over and over again was the funniest thing I’d ever done!

– Last Sunday Deacon moved up a room in the church nursery. He is now officially a Platypus and this Mama can’t handle it! I just kept getting flashes of him going to kindergarten and then college. *sniff* It’s all happening so quickly!!