Deacon: 9 Month Update


20-21 lbs


About 30 inches

Clothing Size:

We’re starting the transition into 12 month clothes. He’s still in 9 month pants for the most part, but with his cloth diapers the 12 month stuff fits pretty well :wink:


Buster, Bubba, Booger and Crankster (a new addition during vacation).


We’re currently trying to get back on track after our vacation last week. He’s doing pretty well, especially where naps are concerned! At night he’s typically sleeping from 8:30 PM to 7:00 or 8:00 AM with two feedings over the course of the night. Sometime during the next month I’m going to try to drop ALL nighttime feedings… wish me luck!


At this point he’s tried pretty much everything that I can think of (that he’s allowed to eat). He really prefers to feed himself these days, so I’m having to get creative on finger foods that are nutritious and yummy. Cherrios are a current favorite, as well as vanilla yogurt whenever I sneak him a bite.


Torturing Junebug, pulling up on EVERYTHING, being held by Mama, being tickled by Dada, chewing on straws, riding in his stroller and crawling on his hands and knees (no more army crawling)!


Missing naps, not being able to feed himself, having his face wiped and having his snot sucked. Coincidentally, these are all things I also hate :wink:


Crawling on his hands and knees, pulling up on EVERYTHING, finally cutting his first tooth and clapping (it’s SUPER CUTE, y’all)! It’s been a big month developmentally!

Best Moment:

This month has been full of great moments, but finally seeing that first tooth make it’s grand debut was definitely one we’ve been anticipating a long time! It was also pretty precious to see him playing with Macy and Grace for the first time :-)

Worst Moment:

Traveling with Deacon this last vacation was pretty tough. For some reason he decided he HATED car rides, so we spent a lot of time shhh-ing him and singing songs to calm him down. It will definitely be a little while before Deacon gets to go on anymore vacations…

Other Tidbits:

– Overall he is still such a JOYFUL baby! Vacationing was hard on him, but ever since we got back he has been all smiles, giggles and baby talk. He is such a joy to parent.

– We’re starting to get a better sense of his personality these days. Besides being easy going and joyful, he is also mischievous and a little too smart for his own good!

– He has started to say “Mama” and “Dada” pretty regularly, but not usually in the right context. We figured out that “dadadadada” is the noise he makes when he’s in a good mood and is feeling talkative and “mamamamama” is the noise he makes when he’s tired and/or whiny. I’m trying my best to switch those two so I can get some of those joyful jabbers :-)

– These last few weeks have turned him into a bit of a Mama’s boy. While I know this is only a season, I am definitely embracing all the cuddles, sloppy kisses and gummy smiles I can get!

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