Deacon: 10 Month Update


20 lbs (50th percentile)


29 in (50th percentile)

Clothing Size:

He’s filling out his 12 month clothes more and more these days! I am LOVING getting to dress him more like a little toddler/man and less like a little baby…


Bubba, Buster and Stinker.


Oy vey. I miss sleep. He’s in the process of cutting a tooth right now and he just got over a cold, so sleep has been very hit or miss the last two weeks. He’s still getting 11-12 hours at night, but it’s usually broken up into 3-4 hour segments. Naps have been hit or miss as well, but he gets at least one solid 2-3 hour nap a day and one shorter nap.


Anything in site. Last night he tried pancakes, which he seemed to really like. I’m also noticing he has a bit of a sweet tooth (surprise, surprise :wink:)


Being on the move. If he could stand/crawl/climb all day without napping I think he would. He is also obsessed with pulling on Junebug’s ears and talking to anyone who will listen (like his mama)!


Having his face wiped. I feel like he is perpetually crusty these days! Every time I try to wipe his face or his nose he melts down. He feels the same way about having his fingernail/toenails trimmed, but thankfully I don’t have to do that as often!


Walking with assistance, signing “more” occasionally, saying Mama and Dada in context and cutting a second tooth!

Best Moment:

One night while he was sick he screamed during bedtime until I came in and cuddled and rocked him. I seriously cannot remember the last time he let me do that (while he was awake) and I loved every second of it!

Worst Moment:

Sunday night he woke up at 12, 2 and 4… after which I stayed awake because of a 6 AM practice. Then he skipped his morning nap. It. Was. Rough.

Other Tidbits:

– He really loves Junebug! He has started playing and interacting with her more and chasing her around the living room. It’s super cute!

– He seems to be pretty close to walking on his own. We are going to be in serious trouble when he figures that out :wink:

– I keep getting comments from people (including his MDO teachers) about how chatty he is. He is definitely always talking about something!

2 thoughts on “Deacon: 10 Month Update

  1. Hard to believe he is already 10 months old. His new accomplishments will come really fast now. Sounds like he is curious like Jeremy was. Watch out, no telling where you will find him when he starts walking. 😉 I’m glad he has an awesome mommy like you.

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