Deacon: 12 Month Update


20 lbs 15 oz (66th percentile)


30.25″ (63rd percentile)

Clothing Size:

Just now starting to move into 18 month clothes!


Bubba & Buster


He started sleeping all the way through the night right around his first birthday! Still getting 11-12 hours, just without the middle of the night dream feed (praise the Lord!) He’s still taking 2 solid naps a day, around 1.5-2 hours each.


We officially made the transition to whole milk this month! He wasn’t fully weaned until 13 months, but the process was surprisingly easy (even if it was a little bittersweet). In terms of regular food, he’s still a pretty good eater overall. Favorites include graham crackers, yogurt, blueberries and bread.


Walking!! He started taking steps shortly after his birthday.


Having to stay still.


The most noteworthy is definitely walking! He also cut two more teeth and has started to really understand more commands and respond accordingly (ex. “Can you bring me the car? Do you want milk?”)

Best Moment:

His first Christmas, first birthday and first steps were all the same month! It’d be impossible to pick just one, so I’ll just call it a three way tie :-)

Worst Moment:

Lots of bittersweet moments this month as he hits milestones and starts the toddler transition. It’s hard on the parts of me that want him to stay little forever!

Other Tidbits:

– He is constantly on the move! Any time someone is around him for a decent amount of time they remark on how “busy” he is. Haha

– We officially have more toys than we have space (after Christmas and his birthday), and he is loving it. Favorites right now include his batmobile, instruments and any ball he can get his hands on.

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